Embroidered Crests

A process where needlework is used on a variety of different material to combine texture, pattern and colour to create an emblem which is then sewn on the garment. A popular choice for team wear and security staff.


Chenille Crests

A  variation of embroidery known as looping to create a soft, plush luxury feel. Used where the client wants to make a bold high quality statement.


Tackle Twill Crests

A process where usually two different colour materials with a coordinated design are overlayed and sewn together to create the image and then sewn on the garment. This process is popular for use as names and numbers on teamwear.



Embroidered Patches

Embroidered and or printed and sewn or heat sealed to the garment. Good for fine detail designs and low cost on large volumes. Popular for use on the sleeve of garments.