Direct Embroidery

A stitching process used to make the image an integral part of the garment.
Usually used on higher cost garments to create a more professional high
quality look.

Puff Embroidery

A variation of direct embroidery to make the image stand out and create a
luxury look. Puff embroidery adds a fashion statement to the appearance
of the garment.


Embroidered Crests

A process where needlework is used on a variety of different material to
combine texture, pattern and colour to create an emblem which is then
sewn on the garment. A popular choice for team wear and security staff.

Chenille Crests

A  variation of embroidery known as looping to create a soft, plush luxury feel.
Used where the client wants to make a bold high quality statement.

Tackle Twill Crests

A process where usually two different colour materials with a coordinated design
are overlayed and sewn together to create the image and then sewn on the
garment. This process is popular for use as names and numbers
on teamwear.


Embroidered Patches

Embroidered and or printed and sewn or heat sealed to the garment. Good
for fine detail designs and low cost on large volumes. Popular for use on
the sleeve of garments.

Silk Screen Printing

This is an ink based process where the Image is applied one colour at a time
by hand directly onto the garment. A separate screen is required to apply
each individual colour. This process is best suited for smaller quantities.

Puff Printing

This is a variation of Direct Silk Screen Printing. A Plastisol ink is used which
expands when subject to high heat to give a puffed appearance. This process is
used when a more elegant and fashion oriented 3D look is required.

Heat Transfer

A digital printing process used for multi-coloured designs to showcase
fine details. The process involves coloured dyes, as required for the design,
applied to the product and bonds on contact when exposed to high heat.
Heat transfers can be used on garments and other hard goods
such as mugs and pens.


This process is a variation of the Heat Transfer process utilizing a special dye
application so that the image becomes an integral part of the garment. This
process is used where the client is looking for high impact coverage
of the garment.


Embossing or debossing are branding processes used to create a subtle high
quality look usually on leather or vinyl business products. Embossing provides
a raised image while debossing offers a recessed image through the use
of a heat and pressure process.

Hot Stamping

This is another popular high end decorating process similar to embossing
in which a gold or silver foil image is heat sealed to the surface of the item
to provide that look of luxury or status. Often used for, albums,
diaries, portfolios and official documents.


This involves a laser or etching process used to customize or personalize
awards or gifts. Engraving provides that elegant, personal touch to
acknowledge a special achievement  or contribution. Cost effective for
both small and large order quantities.