Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

This is an ink based process where the Image is applied one colour at a time by hand directly onto the garment. A separate screen is required to apply each individual colour. This process is best suited for smaller quantities.


Puff Printing

This is a variation of Direct Silk Screen Printing. A Plastisol ink is used which expands when subject to high heat to give a puffed appearance. This process is used when a more elegant and fashion oriented 3D look is required.


Heat Transfer

A digital printing process used for multi-coloured designs to showcase fine details. The process involves coloured dyes, as required for the design, applied to the product and bonds on contact when exposed to high heat. Heat transfers can be used on garments and other hard goods such as mugs and pens.



This process is a variation of the Heat Transfer process utilizing a special dye application so that the image becomes an integral part of the garment. This process is used where the client is looking for high impact coverage of the garment.